Our team defines a test plan and builds test cases to ensure quality prior to the release of new products. We maintain a database and report on product features, performance, and regression status.

Test plans cover a variety of products and features including microservice resiliency, fault-tolerance, orchestration, multi-pathing, YANG model pushes, and SerDes firmware testing.

Our test team pinpoints problems and recommends solutions.


As an independent third-party test facility, we provide optics test data that will improve your infrastructure team’s ability to:

  • i)  benchmark performance
  • ii) understand ambiguities
  • iii) improve design roadmap

We have developed an extensive framework that incorporate 1000+ tests, including FEC capability, differential group delay, offset gain control, resampling, crosstalk, I/Q imbalance, BER sampling, suppression ratio, and throughput Tx/Rx.


We have developed subsystem, component, and interface tests specifically designed for DSP, ROSA, TOSA, WSS, EDFA, ITLA, DAC, and PDU. Our tests substantiate:

  • i)  MSA specifications
  • ii) defective components
  • iii) quantify performance

Our test frame work includes a multitude of environmental stress, soak, throughput, temperature, and power fluctuation tests.


Our integration tests subdivide components into i) new to market and ii) established products. We have tested hundreds of components and quantify the best product or module given network requirements.

Our integration tests include DSP and photonics compatibility. We perform synchronization tests of the micro-controller, firmware, and host interface.

A series of response tests are run between physical layer and protocol alarm events over the management interface.



Quantify optimal network performance.

We quantify how hot to run your network.

We qualify which components are optimal for your environment.

We provide actionable insight on 60+ metrics and performance comparisons.

We gauge and test your design referencing our database of 10,000 use cases.

Solution Tests

  • Emulate a HLD based on expected operating environment
  • Scenario tests and various design option trade-offs

Proof of Concept

  • Hardware and firmware acceptance tests
  • Link budget modeling and verification
  • Stress tests in lab and staged

NMS Integration

  • APIs and automation tool integrated with the NMS
  • Orchestrator and controller functionality
  • Verify management plane

Implement a well-defined test strategy before production.

Reduce deployment time and day 2 maintenance.

Take control of your network and unchain from a single vendor.