Project Summary

Our recent engagements

Social Media—400G Capacity Upgrade

August 2021

Multi-site upgrade to 400G line side with flex-grid, path protection architecture.


  • DC fiber runs
  • extensive MOP design
  • documentation
  • provisional acceptance testing
  • additional capacity upgrades

Network Management Day 2+

June 2020–21

Ongoing NOC operations in collaboration with a regional SP.

Access through Transport network in a multi-domain and multi-vendor environment.

  • optimization
  • fault detection
  • anomaly monitoring
  • escalation to TAC
  • troubleshooting


Web—Route Flapping and Root Cause Analysis

December 2021

Production network L2–4 test and discovery of route flapping, route convergence, and asymmetries.


  • IP/MPLS convergence with optical and synchronization
  • documentation of network impact
  • trace causation to the root for component test, verification, and documentation

Data Center—Overlay / Underlay Design

November 2021

Design and diagram of CLOS switching and L2 tunnels (VXLAN) over a L3 underlay (EVPN).

Working alongside an open initiative partner and ONOS management.

Enterprise—Brownfield DWDM Migration and Capacity Upgrade

December 2021

Multi-site campus design and documentation of OCHNC services.

New connectivity of 23 wavelengths and configuration parameters.


  • MOP building
  • flow diagrams
  • configuration details
  • face plate diagrams
  • troubleshooting
  • acceptance test procedures

Service Provider—Network Operations, Maintenance, and Troubleshoot

Jan 2022-current

Operations, maintenance, and troubleshooting for major SP. Multi-vendor, multi-domain, cascading carrier class infrastructure.


  • IP/MPLS over DWDM
  • OTN PT 21 and 22 mapping
  • VM management and orchestration
  • upgrade cycle testing and expedite for production
  • script tests and troubleshoot of vulnerabilities
  • coordinate with Dev and Test teams

Government—Relocation and Turn-up

August 2021

Multi-site equipment redeployment for government agency.


  • network card replacements
  • re-connection with 18 node metro ring
  • NMS integration
  • proposal for additional migrations

Open Initiative GNPy Design Tool

September 2021

Multi-stage development of OTN planning and design tool.

  • GUI interface development
  • AI engine development

Collaborative project making optical network design more accessible for all.

Smart City—Design, Provision, Day 2+ Management

January 2019–2021

Nationwide smart city network design and migration.

  • pre-sales design of 36 sites and 105 node multi-ringed architecture
  • fiber characterization
  • deployment and provision
  • project management
  • day 2+ NOC

A digital roadmap bringing connectivity across an ASEAN country to help bridge the education, healthcare, and opportunity gap.

Regional Carrier—TDM2IP CEM

October 2021

A multi-site metro based TDM2IP CEM.

Re-design and configuration working with the Carrier.

  • DS3 services mapped into 10G
  • pseudowire encapsulation SAToP
  • protected MPLS-TE tunnels
  • configured into DWDM

Data Center—Multi-Domain and Multi-Vendor Greenfield

December 2021

Regional flagship multi-tenant network design, staging, and provisioning of L1–L4.

  • staging and logistics
  • design and DCI
  • MOP and project management
  • configuration templates
  • documentation
  • BERT and 2544 tests

Multi-stage and multi-domain greenfield project.

Education Network—Regional DWDM Upgrade

Aug-Oct 2022

Facilitate a regional education network upgrade and expansion.

  • fixed to flex spectrum
  • optimize CDA and CDC architectures
  • build SoW and concept test
  • build MoP and manage deployment
  • full documentation and performance metrics


Regional Carrier Training—Routed Optical

Dec 2022

RoN focused boot-camp to prepare carrier staff for segmented routing optical platform.


  • coordinated with the incumbent vendor
  • demos of design and orchestration tools
  • live lab training for staff participation
  • case in point discussions of the customers current production network