We solve the network integration puzzle

From network fragmentation to foundation

Design and engineering end-to-end

Subsystem, component, and optics testing

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Our team provides site surveys to maximize vendor selection, and proof of concept. By gathering data, auditing fiber, and staging equipment, project execution is greatly improved, and operational risk reduced.


Vayu enables coherent solutions that provide dynamic scale in order to facilitate new services stemming from the edge. We design and provision all applications of optical networks: Subsea, Long-haul, DCI, Metro, Access, and Edge.


We provide vendor neutral and open source solutions for a new generation of overlay-underlay designs, which include gateway designs, IP/MPLS, and IP/DWDM solutions. Our engineers leverage best-in-class devices, avoid vendor lock-in, and support 1G to 400G connectivity.



Vayu operates an independent test facility to quantify the capabilities of pluggable and embedded optics, subsystems, and vendor integrations. Test data is compiled for performance analytics.


Our team develops frameworks to optimize network functionality. Our DevOps include optical network design tools, AI edge orchestration engine, and an asynchronous traffic dashboard.


The NOC is critical for NetOps, but equally customer experience, data aggregation, service acceleration, and cost control. Our vendor-neutral, multi-domain, and AI engagements maximize our NOC scope.