Vayu Group customers stay focused on the big strategic picture while our teams provide leading optical expertise and standout operational results









We create multiple design iterations of a network—detailing connectivity, span reports, protection schemes, traffic matrix, and future build-outs.

Migration Strategies

Scale to 400G and double capacity per wavelength. Our strategies provide flex-grid vendor comparisons to reduce TCO while optimizing capacity and resiliency.


We help navigate multi-vendor and multi-domain environments. Our team integrates subsystems, components, and chipsets to ensure holistic functionality.



We quantify an optimal operating environment and performance. Optics and circuitry are tested using extensive interface, power, and throughput tests.



Our team provides flexible training, from beginner to advanced. Internal competence and knowledge transfer programs for staff or new engineers.



Our project documentation provides excessive detail of logs, backups, configurations, flow diagrams, face plate diagrams, procedures, security data, and acceptance tests.


We ensure a successful turn-up by warehouse staging and configuration. We identify non-compatible subsystems that can significantly delay installations.


Our multi-vendor team has experience provisioning and troubleshooting optical networks. We provide a full suite of capacity upgrades and migration services.

Optical Services and Automation

Get up and running quickly without disruption. We use proprietary turn-up and testing tools that expedite installation services and ensure our customers are deployed and running quickly.

We design and develop optical planning tools. In partnership with an open initiative, we are simplifying cumbersome optical design and making available for all.

Application oriented intelligent dashboard. Our dashboard makes it possible to orchestrate the IP/MPLS layer with the optical to avoid asynchronous traffic, flapping, and FIB rewrite.

Next-Gen DWDM

Next-gen DWDM networks leverage emerging coherent technologies, as well as advances like point-to-multipoint, subcarrier aggregation, DSP managed dispersion compensation, soft FEC, 800G transport, 400G pluggables, and routed optical transport.

Coherent technologies have revolutionized DWDM networks and dramatically improved capacity, resiliency, and TCO.

We are experts at designing and optimizing next-gen coherent networks with the features you need, in the form factor you require, and for a unique application, for every part of your network.

Thinking Meta

Application-oriented network functionality lets you pin targeted applications from edge to core.

As new DWDM technologies like coherent, pluggable, multi-point, tunable push closer to the edge, they increasing impact unique 5G and IoT application specific services.

These application-oriented services require orchestration of optical (capacity), automation (AI), and NOC (analytics) to optimize data and fulfill the meta customer experience.

Partner with Vayu for intelligent orchestration and a targeted application oriented network strategy.

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