DAY 2+

The NOC is more complex and critical than ever.

Increasingly, one size does not fit all—unique domain data, decentralized data, edge compute, customer experience, and proprietary tools are all highly use-case specific.

Our NOC team are adept at managing specialized multi-vendor environments, as well as unique application specific engagements. We provide:

  • improved end-customer services and commitments
  • data compliance
  • operational cost control
  • multi-vendor monitoring
  • proprietary hardware and software
  • service slicing
  • multi-cloud management and support
  • WAN monitoring and integration
  • on-boarding new services
  • multi-domain data capture
  • real-time analytics

    As edge 5G and IoT services gain momentum, there is an ever-growing need for internal and external networks to accelerate rather than impede application performance.

    Our NOC team will enhance your service acceleration.

    NOC and Automation

    Network monitoring and measurement. We streamline L2–4 monitoring tasks into our dashboard, showing anomaly, flapping, and root causes.

    Gather unstructured data and synchronize with network operations. We compile NLP-tagged application side data alongside network telemetry data and apply both streams to our orchestraion engine to determine which customer services or content should be pushed to the edge.

    This enables edge service acceleration that is elastic and proactive rather than policy-scripted.