About Us

Since our 2015 launch, we have partnered with some of world’s most innovative network infrastructure companies—OEMs, CSPs, Web, and DC operators. We appreciate the competitive landscape our clients operate in and pride ourselves in helping our clients execute standout projects that fundamentally change the economics and agility of networks.

We think of infrastructure integration as resolving a number simultaneous domain bottlenecks. This can only be accomplished through partner collaboration, extensive multi-vendor training, and cross-functional team empowerment.

Leadership in the System Integrator Industry

A rapidly expanding next-generation infrastructure requires a service partner with exceptional optical, packet, and automation skills. For more than 5 years, we have adapted to become a highly technical and agile systems integrator. Vayu Group is regionally diverse, technically astute, multi-domain, vendor agnostic, scalable, and accountable.

We enable clients to grow their network infrastructure without rigid and unacceptable trade-offs.


Women in STEM

Women remain woefully underrepresented in technology, especially in leadership roles. Women account for 58% of our workplace and make invaluable contributions. We are committed to changing the status quo and providing a long-term path to leadership and upward mobility for the women on our team.

We are woman-led and cofounded. Cofounder and senior partner Sriusha Kottalanka has navigated the STEM journey firsthand and guides our culture of change.


Vayu has taken great measures to maintain a low carbon footprint. We use green office space, limit flights, sponsor recycling and environmental clean-up programs. We support other like-minded companies that prioritize a low-carbon and sustainable economy.

On our projects, we collaborate with our partners and clients to pursue net zero. We embed principles of sustainability for water, power, location, materials, and equipment life span.

Next-Gen Training

Vayu has had the privilege of training hundreds of new college graduates who have gone on to become leading network engineers in their respective domains. At Vayu, we strongly believe that mindset is more important than skillset.

Newcomers to Vayu develop a mindset to grow as opposed to being trained. We strive to encourage our engineers to grow as individuals, rotate domain problems, and embrace a learning curve. We take pride in providing a collaborative, cross-functional environment for our team.

The time to act is now