Optical network design and optimization tools

Playbooks, scripts, and APIs

Intelligent multi-pathing for broadband, transit, and cloud gateways


Turn-up and Testing

Installation tools for calibration and fault detection

Reference our test database for optimal component integration

Network flapping, anomaly, and root cause matrix


Optical service aggregation into single or multiple lambda

Unstructured data synchronized with NetOps for service acceleration

Edge resource orchestration using smart ledger-based SLAs

Converging Layers and Building Intelligent Orchestration

We use unstructured data to improve network orchestration and optimize application performance.

By extracting telemetry data from the network side and sentiment data from an application, we optimize orchestration and circuit multi-pathing.

Application sentiment data such as log files, chat, text, video, tagging, or media, is synchronized with telemetry data to optimize when and where to push services to the edge.

Edge Resources

Resource orchestration of edge clouds relies on the concept of network slicing and is based on isolated computing and network resources.

There is progress on the allocation of edge resources within a single cloud or edge data center. However, edge orchestration of multi-domain infrastructure or multi-administrative domain remains lagging.

We are developing new ways of aligning services at the edge, including smart contracts and ledger-based services. Specifically, decentralized, non-hierarchical service structures to facilitate Web3 organizations.


      • smart edge resource orchestration
      • allocate the most suitable edge compute (cloud exchange)
      • distributed ledger database or service chains
      • SLA delivery though fabric ledgers
      • multi-tenant capability
      • multi-stakeholder environment