Automation Services

We help our customers design and test new ways of  enabling networks to ultimately self-heal, self-optimize, and self-protect, by configuring and automating workflows.

A distributed dynamic network requires flexible hardware and software platforms and a common virtualization environment to operate holistically with other computing resources. Our automation team working alongside our orchestration team, provides the testing and solution environment required to facilitate MIMO and MEC. We build, test, and implement automation frameworks to optimize network functionality so service providers and enterprises can operate their networks with intent.

End one-off solutions


Build structures that can be built upon


 Build automation frameworks 

Our Network Automation Services


Open Frameworks

Ansible, Chef, and Puppet modules to expedite network processes.

Push (Ansible) and pull node (Puppet) configurations.

NAPALM data retrieval and Batfish analysis. 

Code repositories, playbooks, and templates.

Enable network functions to be interoperable at the platform, infrastructure, and application layers.

Continuous VNF co-ordination from network elements to database to configuration (Netbox).



Fast responding systems across multi-layers.

Fast storage caching and compute.

Support wireless and wireline.

Flexible hardware platform.

Implement a common virtualization environment—vRAN, vBNG, vCDN.

Telemetry data and topology reports.

Fault detection and proactive remediation.


Network Design and Policy

Clear visibility of network devices and performance.

Network performance compling with network intent and network heirarchy.

Applications and services aligning with policies created.

Provisioning sevices and virtual configuration.

Lifecycle mangement tools and manage config drift.



Robust vendor agnostic test environment to leverage DevOps work.

Vagrant status configs to mitigate risks.

Reconciliation of configs vs source of truth.

Automate testing from the simplest NetOps to complex disaggregation.

Define build phases, use network plugins, and operate conditionally.

Mimic production scenarios and real-world environment.

Improve incident resolution and remidiation.




Future Drivers

NetDevOps CICD evolution.

Declarative network intent.

Auto-bandwidth and predictive bandwidth.

Auto-services implementation.

Network slicing.

Multitude of ML, AI, IoT, MEC services.

Latency of 5 milliseconds.


Business Drivers

Capex / Opex savings and improve time to market.

Accomodate the unpredictable and facilitate MIMO and MEC.

Provide new applications and greater competitiveness.

Coherent solutions, scale, capacity, and elastic optical transport.

PoC and documentation.

Data Center, Smart Cities, Enterprise, EPON, Coherent Edge, BNG.

Our Automation Projects

Configuration pushes.

Restconf and netconf transport protocols.

YANG models extended across infrastructures.