Our network assessment services lead to successful decision making and project execution

Creating a successful network transformation requires both a detailed report of your operating environment and accurate perspective of best-in-class solutions. Our assessment services will reduce operational risk, clarify technology and vendor selection, and improve time to market for new services.

Site Survey

On-site physical inspection of power, cable, fiber runs, labels, rack space, storage, staging area, recycling, temperature, security, and accessibility.

Fiber Audit

Fiber traces on existing and proposed nodes and connectors and OTDR reports of CD, PMD impairments, and span irregularities.

Data Compile

Relationship and topology diagrams that identify impairments within the existing infrastructure and inform design options.


Evaluate existing assets and make design proposals to the customer’s infrastructure and management teams.

Vendor Analysis

Analyze vendor offerings and performance trade-offs given a specific operating environment or RFP.

Emulator & PoC

Design and emulate a proof-of-concept to quantify operational efficiency and reduce the risk of change orders.


Streamline data into a single file with design options for further analysis and MOP construction.

Report & Review

Report a full project analysis to the customer’s operations, infrastructure, and management teams.

Winning Assessments

  • Accelerate project delivery
  • Lay the foundation for a well structured MOP
  • Minimize change orders
  • Clarify technology and vendor selection
  • Reduce the friction between custom, partner, and vendors
  • Provide forward thinking designs and solutions