We want everyone at Vayu Group to feel empowered to contribute and share in team successes. Our employees aren’t just cogs in the machine; their diverse points of view, creative problem-solving abilities, and desire to optimize network infrastructure are crucial to our work.

We continue to grow our team of hardworking individuals who want to find a purpose in their work and support each other in the process, and we are excited to offer an equal-opportunity environment with great perks, including performance bonuses, recognition bonuses, flexible work days, and a positive exciting environment. We also provide intensive training for new college graduates that accelerate career opportunities.

Accelerate Your Career

Years 1-3

Vayu is dedicated to developing employee skills and accelerating careers. We offer an intensive 3 year training program providing new employees in-depth exposure to cutting edge technologies and global network projects.

Our training program provides substantial opportunity to develop skills and jump-start careers in a manner not possible at larger firms.

Target the 80th Percentile

Years 3-6

Our objective is to have all team members operate at a very high level of technical capability—at the 80th percentile of technical merit within their respective domains.

Our Opportunity 80 Program for managers and team leaders provides the daily mentorship needed to achieve elite domain knowledge. Our projects provide access to leading industry experts, and we regularly work alongside the best network architect-engineers in the world in DC, Web, OEM, and SP.