Mobile users, edge services, and distributed applications are making the network exponentially complex. The network ecosystem requires multiple technologies and architectures to achieve cohesive and reliable services.

Our Orchestration team is focused on delivering real-world centralized network controls while leveraging the strengths of multi-vendor distributed network infrastructure. We understand that network stacks will keep changing and customers must plan accordingly and continuously integrate.

We provide a centralized state of the network and tie it into the requirements of services needed at the access and edge. We integrate across domains and complex infrastructures to enable abstraction providing the high level intent ideal for virtualized functions.

Centralized Network Control and Optimization


Leverage Distributed Network Infrastructure


Network Abstraction for Better Services 

Our Network Orchestration Services


Open Iniatives

Allow more choice for customers to select the vendors, technologies, and solutions they want.

Enable network functions to be interoperable at the platform, infrastructure, and application layers in a policy driven real time environment.

Netbox provisioning ‘source of truth’.

ETSI and MANO aligned.

Combine cloud technologies, VNF, and the network elements to enable new features and deploy services on the fly.


Intent Based

Consolidate the incredible complexity from users, devices, and applications into policies that can be applied across the entire network.

Real-time activation of policies from the API down to the physical and virtual network infrastructure.

Consolidate across all domains including access, RAN, WAN, data center, cloud, OTN and extend their benefits throughout the network.


Domain Orchestration

Balanced traffic across domains without indiviual reconfigurations.

Configure both physical and virtual infrastructure.

Manage contentionless traffic across domains.

Shared network resources from IP/MPLS to Optical.

Optimized multilayer IP link restoration.

Improve capex, power, footprint, capacity, and simplify operations.



Service Orchestration

Intent based orchestration to manage services.

Interact with each domain controller and set efficient path..

Performance based management adhereing to service intent – latency, resiliency, etc.

Provide service velocity and consistency required.

Render southbound services.



Model Driven Frameworks

YANG models providing network device frameworks combined with domain specific protocols.

Manage into device level changes within the network.

YANG models providing service specific frameworks loaded into a service manager.

Feed service or network frameworks back into the config database providing network controls.

L2/L3VPN, Chaining, Security Zones, BGP Configuration.

Check syncs, CMDB syncs, manage migrations, and atomic transactions to avoid CLI roll-backs.


Templates & Audits

Run templates against device metrics to audit the state of the network.

Ansible/YML playbooks.

Maintain the network in a compliant state.

Policy objects and set automation boundaries.

Continuous policy upates and boundaries referenced back into the config database.

Network governance.

Our Orchestration Projects

Network validation (Read-Only) and multi-domain validation.

Physical and virtual lab testing environments.

Multi-step network migrations.