Scalable and flexible support for your network project.



Network Services

Our network services team delivers extensive multi-layer and multi-domain services. We empower our customers and enable them to extend and differentiate their business model.

Our services allow our customers to extend their reach, reduce project lead times, and meet unique demands, such as path diversity, latency, visibility, network analytics, security adherence, and closed-loop assurance. 

We offer a flexible third-party operating environment that lets our customers control project strategy without the hassle of training staff, provisioning workflows, and addressing daily functions.

Vayu Group customers stay focused on the big strategic picture while our teams provide the leading edge expertise and standout operational results.

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Lab Services

Stay on-top of the latest and greatest technology solutions with our independent, multi-vendor testing facility. Our test team provides critical services required to optimize the evaluation, validation, and proof of concept process. We enable customers to remain on the technical forefront in a multi-vendor environment.

We provide a cost effective methodology in a controlled, organized, and transparent lab environment. Our lab testing facility is a critical tool providing relevant data and insight needed to integrate emerging technologies.

  • Customer Centric Testing – within our facility or using a third party lab

  • Multi-Vendor Interoperable Solution Testing

  • System, Integration, and Automation Testing

  • Stress Testing and Integration Services

  • Orchestration, Architecture and Proof of Concept

  • Collab. Ecosystem-Software & Hardware

  • Product Comparisons and Benchmarking

  • Demos, Sandboxing, Simulations, Training and Education

Optical Services

We deliver bandwidth our optical team enables customers to expand and improve network capacity, fault detection, spectral and power efficiency, network planning, and troubleshooting all while keeping the cost structure under their control. We bridge multi-vendor environments and offer comprehensive expertise in DWDM, ROADM, OLS, OSNR, flexible architecture, and topology designs.

Our optical services team can transform a static network into a scalable, elastic, and valuable asset. We optimize optical networks allowing customers to monetize their fiber into a performing asset.

  • Deployment, Implementation, Configuration, and Troubleshooting

  • Verification, Testing, Planning, and Custom Assemblies

  • Disaggregation, WSS, and MCS

  • Wavelength Provisioning, C+L Band Support

  • Multidegree Hubs and Mesh Architecture

  • Fault Detection & Connectivity Solutions

  • RFP Engagements, Solutions, Training, & Sales Support

Packet Networking

We offer extensive IP / MPLS services from edge to core. Our projects include configurations, installations, planning, architecture valdiation, and testing. Our technical expertise: L2-3VPN, BGP, OSPF, ACLs, MPLS-TP and TE, IPv6, Segmented Routing, TDM2IP, and SD-WAN.

We are vendor agnostic and work within multi-domain intelligence SDN frameworks. We provide network visibility, scalability and integrate with existing architectures. We provide customers the on-demand network agility carriers and web-scale customers demand.

  • Deployment, Implementation, & Configuration

  • Topology Design Including On Demand Next-Hop

  • Segment Routing and IPv6

  • WAN and SD-WAN Design and Implementation

  • Solution Proposals

  • Performance Metrics

  • Testing, Sales Suppport, & Training

Data Center Services

Our DC services help customers maintain IaaS and effectively manage migration and upgrades. Our multi-vendor network deployment, configuration, and testing expertise ensures critical requirements are addressed prior to implementation.

We bring optical, packet, design, orchestration, and testing expertise to ensure our customers avoid pitfalls and maximize data center modernization projects. We provide robust and agile connectivity critical to all DC projects.

  • Ensure Robust Connectivity

  • Multi-layer Optimization

  • Multi-domain Optimization

  • Intent Based Networking

  • SDN Verification & Testing

  • Optical & Packet

  • Configuration, Installation, & Integration

  • Upgrades & Maintenance

Network Operations Center

We enable our customers to pursue 100% uptime of networks, data centers, and critical applications. We offer 24×7 comprehensive monitoring and security oversight center which monitors risks, proactively anticipates changes, and reports incidents to respective management. Our teams oversee network elements and resolves issues before they impact network operations.

  • Bandwidth utilization and packet loss

  • CPU, websites, server errors, VPN tunnels

  • Network traffic and element status

  • BGP and regional SD-WAN status

  • Incident Management & Alarm Protocols

  • Event Logs & Analytics

  • Software patch monitoring

Network Software Services

We build automation tools improving network turn-up, testing, configuration, and operations of network elements. Our tools can improve the managability and accelerate service deliverables for network elements.

We integrate OpenStack, OpenFlow, TensorFlow technologies to further improve our automation tools and deliver successful projects to our customers.

  • Improve the management of network elements

  • Accelerate element turn-ups, configurations, deployments, testing, and decommissioning

  • Incorporate ouside technologies (TensorFlow & AI) to improve services

  • API and orchestration testing

  • Telemetry compilation for network data analysis

  • Enable end-to-end provisioning and closed loop programmability

Sales Support

Our optical, packet, and lab testing teams can add value to your in-house sales group. We offer pre and post sales support through collaborative discovery, evaluation, architecture, training, and implementation of network technology. 

Engage our network resources to leverage your pipeline and drive sales.

  • Accelerate RFP responses and quality

  • Identify sales opportunities and build solutions

  • Leverage our optical and packet expertise for network planning, testing, automation, and analytics

  • PoC & multi-vendor network configurations

  • Streamline the documentation process via our lab-testing

Education and Training

Our education modules blend academic knowledge with real-world learning scenarios focused on optical and packet networking. We customize training to meet customer specifications and requirements. We provide virtual learning modules, in-lab testing, or on-site real-world discovery.

  • Real-world learning scenarios

  • Optical, Packet, SD-WAN, Network Management

  • Virtual or In-Lab or On-Site

  • Design, Architecture, & Proof of Concept

  • Multiple Demos & Sandboxing

  • Benchmarking

5G Adoption

Our teams support customers in the rollout of 5G. Our packet, optical and software teams enhance our customers ability to provide flexible and scalable services.

We are excited and committed to all aspects of the 5G network evolution—infrastructure, security, automation, software and services.


  • Multi-connectivity with end-to-end network slicing
  • Low latency, high reliability, and mobility at scale
  • Edge to core realtime network controls
  • End-to-end element provisioning and highly accurate synchronization
  • On-demand network architecture to support various application scenarios and network capabilities


Orchestration Services

We provide testing service assurance for multi-vendor physical and virtual infrastructure providers.

Our team validates and tests multi-domain architectures to ensure seamless capacity and network functionality. We stress test APIs and network protocols within a multi-vendor environment. We ensure service metrics are met and recommend remediation and corrective actions.


  • Multi-vendor support and testing

  • Multi-domain support and testing

  • SLA parameter testing and remediation

  • API integration and testing

  • OpenFlow, NETCONF, JAVA / JSON

  • Greenfield & Brownfield