Design & Architecture

Virtual Collaboration

Our six-person architecture, engineering, and planning group is located in Honolulu, Hawaii and networked across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. For each project, we assemble highly creative and collaborative talent and assign tasks to the most qualified, often drawing from decades of experience. We build vested interest from a collective of seasoned veterans with a broad knowledge of the complexities of academic, civic, cultural, community planning, and urban design projects. 

Working side by side with friends and partners, we assemble the talent and skills to ensure consistent, meaningful projects with reduced costs and delays.

Data center, colocation, NOC/SOC design and architecture.

We drive open communication and virtual hands-on project management to push beyond the conventional data center design.

Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

The challenges of architectural projects are now more than ever, dependent on collaboration between civil, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineers, as well as the broad collaborative alignment of the business, law, cultural, and local communities. We address these connections and build continuity within our projects.

Our projects transform challenges into advantages and provide longstanding benefits to the local community served.














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