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We Deliver

Vayu Group provides specialized people, processes, and software to ensure maximum value on network integration, design, orchestraion, and optimization projects. Our team is made up of passionate engineers with extensive field experience installing, configuring, verifying, and planning multi-vendor networks.

​Vayu Group understands each clients’ unique competitive landscape and collaborates with them to expand their breadth and depth of services. Our teams continually seek cost-effective and innovative solutions that allows our clients to focus on their core business.

We deliver successful projects enabling our clients to survive and thrive in an ever-evolving digital world.

Why We Are Here

In 2014, we established Vayu Group with the view that decentralized dynamic networks require a different kind of service partner. We saw services that were too rigid, expensive, and not sufficiently scalable to handle the novel problems of a rapidly expanding multi-vendor network. Customer options for deployment, configuration, automation, testing, and trouble-shooting offered too many unacceptable trade-offs. That’s why we founded Vayu Group—to provide vendor agnostic services that are human-driven, machine-assisted, and optimize multi-layer networks.

​Our clients face a daunting business enironmentnetwork traffic grows exponentially, opex remains flat, data security adherence is critical, and CSPs demand differentiation. The stakes have never been higher and we create competive edge for our partners.

We bridge the services gap and optimize multi-layer network projects with our technical expertise, intelligent automation tools, and adaptable workflows.

Real-World Solutions

We send our engineers into the field to work directly with customers—deploying equipment, integrating multiple technologies, optimizing workflows, and adapting to changing circumstances. Our engineers have indepth training and will complete projects on time, whatever the situation calls for.

Our clients get the most out of our services and expertise. We streamline their projects and ensure they remain on the technological frontier.

Our Differentiators

 Frontier Technical Merit

 Deep Industry Knowledge

 Responsive Client Approach

 Harness AI / ML / Intent APIs

 Deliver Results

Build Client Trust

Our Projects

We build scalable processes and have delivered standout results.

Data center interconnection.

Optical & Packet deployments.

Multi-layer testing and verification.

Multi-domain testing and planning.

Tailor-made software.

Smart (AI) automation tools.