Optical Services

Transport optical networks are a combination of centralized and distributed elements, and disperate platforms that are constantly evolving to meet changing requirements. Our optical team ensures OTN is an optimized core component, with main drivers, key benefits, and functional protocol architecture.

Our optical team enables customers to expand and improve network capacity, fault detection, spectral efficiency, network planning, and troubleshooting all while keeping the cost structure under their control. We bridge multi-vendor environments and can transform a static optical network into a scalable, elastic, and valuable asset.

Our optical services enable coherent solutions to provide the dynamic scale required to facilitate new services stemming from the Edge. Our optical team is constantly evolving to develop new value added solutions and best practices for data centers, exchanges, remote office connectivity, IoT, and smart cities.  

We addresses your network needs and challenges and provide expertise throughout the lifecycle of the product and solution. 

Vayu Group customers stay focused on the big strategic picture while our teams provide leading optical expertise and standout operational results.

Our Optical Expertise



Coherent solutions testing for a highly flexible optical transport.

Performance optimization and documentation.

Fault event statistics.

Customer centric functionality testing.

In lab proof of concept, best economics, and future proofing.

Integration and testing of DSP/PAMs, Si vs. InP, VCSEL, WSS, ROADM, EDFA, MUX, OSNR, PMD, BER, EDC.


Adavanced Services

Real-world experience including implementations, deployments and trouble-shooting.

Flexible resources within budget and time frame.

Stage, install, test, and turn-up with maximum efficiency while mitigating risks.

Core, transport, DCI, xHaul, Metro, Access, Edge.



Planning and Design

Strategic audit of networks and benchmarks – coverage, cost, capacity, QoS, frontier technologies.

Next generation planning and accomodate the unpredictable.

Coherent solutions, scale, capacity, and elastic optical transport.

PoC and documentation.

Data Center, Smart Cities, Enterprise, EPON, Coherent Edge, BNG.



Learning & Training

Improve internal competence and leading-edge skills.

Information transfer programs for jobs based training.

Identifying information and skillset gaps.

Matching employee skills with job requirements.

Flexible training modules with web-based, leader-led, lab focused, classroom, or a combination.


OTN Orchestration + Integration

Optical transport traditionally independent and proprietary — requires efficient integration into control, management, and orchestration systems.

Optical abstraction to evolve to meet cloud native, virtulization, slicing, steering, 5G, and edge services.

Integrate network programmability and leverage open control view of interoperability.

OTN shared functions and optimize allocation of compute, storage, and network resources.


Education & Training

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BNG Exchanges

Smart City

 Our Optical Projects


 Our Optical Projects


 Our Optical Projects