About Us

Vayu Group is committed to becoming your long-term partner of choice. We provide tailored software design, networking services, process automation and cloud deployment. Our team is constantly seeking cost-effective and technologically innovative solutions that enable our clients to focus on their core business.

Vayu Group helps clients from project ideation to implementation. We bring reliable and agile technical expertise to customers with a focus on results-driven project management. Vayu Group aims to deliver consistent benefits to our clients via:

  • 25% project management cost reduction
  • 25% support and training cost reduction
  • 25% increase in product life cycle and residual revenue
  • Expanded scope of services provided to end customers
  • Improved margins and subsequent business generation

If you are frustrated with RFx responses that take too much time and tie up valuable resources, let us introduce you to Blitz, the first RFx response tool built on cloud in order to accelerate your response time by 80%. It's extremely scalable and secure. Interested in a demo? Contact us.